Monday, January 17, 2011

And the winner was...

So...I know you're losing sleep because of the suspense.

You're just dying to know who won our Christmas Soup Simmer Competition...aren't you!!?

1. Grandpa - with his smokey, creamy split-pea?
2. Lora - with her herby chowder and garlicy oyster crackers?
3. Shawnie - with her roasted root veggies and savory sausage?
4. Tracey - with her spicy chorizo and hearty greens?
5. Momma G - with her ultra comforting clams and tomatoes?

If you know anything about our family you know there is one individual who always rises above the rest. She (sorry Gramps!) is the girl who everyone looks for at a party to make sure shes there - for two reasons; everyone loves her and everyone loves her party food. When I say everyone loves her, I mean, her friends AND my family. She's the favorite.


Think this bias played into the final decision (Gram???)?

Her soup was delicious, AND it was an original recipe. It really was no surprise that she won. She once wrote a term paper in 4 hours before it was due, and got an A (now EVERYONE knows I didn't win).

OK, one more hint. She used to complain there were always four blue eyes staring at her...

Shawnie's Savory Winter Soup was our winner! Well deserved!

Next year?

She's headed for a world of hurt. She's goin' down. I'm going in the kitchen now to practice.

Congrats, Shawnie!

She won "What's Cookin'?", a trivia style game about all things food.

I'm already looking at recipes for inspiration for my 2011 entry... let me know if you have any ideas.



  1. This was more fun than I thought. Being able to read all about it makes it really special.
    Thanks Lo and Trac. Love you.

  2. That soup was the bomb, a much deserving winner that I need to make!! But I will also be on the recipe hunt all year now. I feel a competitive spirit a-swirlin'!

  3. I'd like to thank the academy...hmm, hmm I mean my family... especially my Grandparents who shared the joy of cooking and the importance of sharing family meals together our whole lives. Thank you to my Mom for her patience while teaching her girls to cook and for allowing us the freedom to experiment in her kitchen at the massive expense of her many plates, bowls, glasses and kitchen walls (the homemade doughnut fiasco of 1983). Special thanks to my sisters for creating and maintaining this wonderful blog for capturing all of these amazing recipes and memories. And, Lo, all I've got to say is, "You coming back for more? You coming back for more?"

  4. I hope it is ok to be posting a blog on the Official Christmas Soup Simmer Competition. Though I was not there for the glorious festivities and delectable looking cuisine, I have known Miss Shawnie for many years and love her dearly. I'm thrilled to hear she won the competition with her Savory Winter Soup! How might one become elected to next year's judge and jury of food tasters? Much Love to a family who clearly embraces, embodies and enjoys the true meaning of Christmas!

  5. Juliana, one must only show up for Christmas dinner to be considered for the judge position. Hope to see you there! :)