Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer is On

A nice fresh meal out on the veranda. Or out in a small city backyard at a picnic table. Either way, good food.
I love how summer time automatically means lighter and fresher food. That usually translates into less prep time. These steak pinwheels are juicy and flavorful, thanks to bacon. Guess that isn't so light. The tomato, avocado, peach, and basil bits are though! Just drizzle with a little olive oil and salt/pepper.
We have been trying to use small plates at meals for a while now. It really is amazing how much less food per portion we eat when we do that. This is a perfect small plate meal.
Our tomatoes, peas, basil, rosemary, chives, and zucchini, are all growing up now, hopefully a summer meal will include some more of those soon!

Steak Pinwheels

Beef Round sliced thin or hammered
Sliced bacon laid on top
Spinach on top of that (frozen or fresh works fine)
Parmesan cheese (go heavy)
Salt and Pepper
Roll up and pierce with wet toothpicks before grilling
Drizzle olive oil over prior too
Grill for several minutes per side.



Sunday, June 13, 2010

Greek Feast

This menu was born from a craving for greek olives and feta cheese. It couldn't be simpler.


Lemon chicken:

1 lb organic chicken thighs
Sprinkle with:
Salt and Pepper
Juice of one lemon
Let marinate for one hour (if time allows).
Grill until crispy, yet still moist (grill a lemon, peppers, and any other veggie you have on hand - tossed with olive oil and S/P first).

Place a few heavy drizzles of olive oil in a cold skillet
Add three minced garlic cloves
Warm until the scent of garlic fills your kitchen and then shut off the heat
Meanwhile, heat a large pot of water to a boil.
Cook 8oz of fresh pasta (we used Wegmans brand) according to package directions.
Once pasta is cooked, add to olive oil. Add chopped greek olives, a large sprinkling of feta cheese and chopped scallions.

Hummus was adapted from this recipe.

Cookies n' Cream Cupcakes

My mom taught us well; Oreos are some of the best stuff on earth, and cookies n' cream ice cream (with oreos) is the king of ALL ice cream flavors. When I saw this recipe that included a creamy vanilla cupcake, oreos AND cream cheese frosting (for another post) I knew it was unknowingly created for me and my family. I've attempted homemade cake batter a few times in the past and it's always come out like cornbread. I've never come even close to a cake Gram Austin made for me and Tracey so many years ago. (Tracey's grandma-in-law is one of the best homemade cake bakers I've ever met. Don't worry Mommasita, you're still the queen of all birthday cakes and all things pie. Although, a bake-off would be interesting...and 'd happily volunteer to be a taste tester. ;) So...this vanilla cake batter is delicious and would actually be quite wonderful alone. But what ISN'T better with oreos? They are like the bacon of the dessert world.

If you have a free afternoon...please make these cupcakes, and PLEASE share them with me.