Friday, January 29, 2010

Pork fried couscous and salad bowl

We never went without hearty, healthy meals in my mom's house. Even on nights when she was working late or we had softball or soccer. In minutes something like this dish was thrown together. And we ate it together.

Some of her favorite staples are rice and tomato sauces mixed with meat and veggies. My brave dad would pitch in sometimes and challenge mom's one pan wonders. We called his version "babyfood". It usually tasted great. The name referred to the mush factor. :) Love you Meatball Taster.

This is a quick mix of cooked tricolor couscous and pan fried pork with rosemary. Throw it in a bowl with a little salad or veggies and olive oil dressing. And then you can get onto the next task for the day. Which in my parent's house is the dishes. In mine, well, usually anything else.

~Mangia~ Tracey

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