Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Seasoned Salmon Filet, Spinach Saute, and Cornbread

In my house, we try to force fish into our diet as much as possible. We have even made a fish convert out of one person. Well, at least he'll eat salmon and tuna. Scott (husband) and Abel (son) are hugely into this salmon and Scott has been perfecting his seasoning on this fish for months. It's terrific, give it a whirl!

Both apprentices (see side bar) worked hard on the cornbread and helped with the spinach. And afterwards they gave the meal two thumbs up!

When I was young, my favorite meals were the ones my mom made with simple ingredients. Steak, salad, and baked potatoes. We had salad 6 out of 7 nights growing up and the odd night out was reserved for some other veggie. I always swore I would not make salad when we ordered pizza in MY house. Guess what.

Mangia~ Tracey

4-6 oz filets
Egg wash (sometimes we add honey)
Flour, sage, parsley, and Adobo seasoning for breading
Pan fry in a little butter and olive oil until cooked through or your preferred doneness

1 med onion
3-4 cups fresh baby spinach leaves
Saute in a little butter and season with either salt and pepper or Adobo

Jiffy mix all the way! Love that stuff and you can throw in any extra ingredients on hand- corn, cheese, cream cheese, onions, black beans, banana peppers, or do like we do and drizzle some honey on top and add an extra egg.


  1. Wait - I need more info on the salmon! Breading? Do you use bread crumbs and Adobo, or just adobo??? I want to convert my husband....

  2. This time it was only flour, sage, parsley, and Adobo, but sometimes I also add bread crumbs.

    The Impostor (Scott)