Sunday, January 31, 2010

Garlic-Ricotta Smothered Chicken and Turnip

I intended on making fancy stuffed chicken breasts tonight but alas time did not cooperate. So I just piled the ingredients on top! The extra effort would not have been worth it, this was better.

I also cheated on the turnip. I found it already diced in these perfect little cubes in the freezer section. My Gramps, Chef de Cuisine, is notorious for his perfectly chopped ingredients, especially turnip. It's uncanny how he can make each piece a copy of the previous one. And somehow it just makes his soups and recipes taste so savory. I think it is partly due to knowing that he puts so much loving effort into each chop.

Oh, and I stole the idea of the turnip from Lora. She made a similar version for Thanksgiving a couple of years back. Yum. O.

I had 3 large pieces
Sear on stovetop with salt and pepper just until both sides are golden
Top with ricotta mixture:
(12 oz ricotta, salt, pepper, dry sweet basil, 3 large cloves garlic diced finely, bit of parmesan)
Bake at 350 degrees for 25 min or until cooked through and cheese is melty

Mix raw turnip with 1 large diced onion and 1 small garlic clove and then add to heated saute pan and little olive oil.
Add salt, pepper, and dash of sage.
Cook until turnip and onion are tender, about 15 min.

Mangia~ Tracey


  1. Made my turnip with thyme and butter. ;)

  2. I'm making this tonight! So glad Nan showed me this website. Lora- HI! Kiss Violet for me. :)