Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Grilled Portabellos

I love to grill (or I should say, I love when Rich grills). It takes me back to those hot summer days, so long ago. We'd spend most of the day in the pool (after finishing our laundry list of chores, of course!), and we'd see Daddio fire up the grill and mom begin passing him things through the kitchen window. We knew something good was in the works. Cooking outside, over coals, adds so much flavor to food and to the evening.

I like the idea of filling a mushroom with food and then grilling it. Not only do you get the great taste of the mushroom and the grill, but you have the natural benefit of portion control! We grilled these mushrooms (first cleaned, then brushed with oil, S & P), then stuffed them with everything we love (sauteed sausage, tomatoes, spinach, basil and fresh mozzarella - do I sense an Italian themed dish?!), and then grilled them again for a minute of two.

You really could fill them with anything. Make them with more traditionally Mexican ingredients (arroz verde and chorizo, perhaps!), or grill a plethora of veggies, chopped and tossed with a vinaigrette for a vegetarian version. Very versatile, very satisfying, very summer.



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  1. This looks like a potentially new favorite meal for me!!