Thursday, July 22, 2010

Burrito Bowls

My parents hosted a sleepover for the grandkids last weekend, which meant I was on my own for lunch on Sunday (Rich was very busy watching the British Open)! I had heard rumblings that the new burrito bar at Wegmans was worthwhile so I gave it a whirl.

Ultimately, it was a lack-luster lunch. ;(

I had such high hopes. I ordered the burrito bowl thinking it would be a nice new twist on an old favorite (basically, all of the traditionally burrito fillings layered in a bowl, sans tortilla). But their beans had no flavor, their rice was boring, and the cilantro portion was far too tiny. Each bite I hoped would be better than the last. I was disappointed every time.

The recurring thought running through my mind as I ate: "I could make a much better burrito bowl!" So that was the challenge of the day. I called my mom and asked them to stay for dinner (and to be my official taste-testers) and got to work (and yes, I ate two burrito bowls in one day). No new recipes for this post (it is a great meal to use up leftovers!) I made arroz verde (tweaked it a bit this time, adding more cilantro, half of a raw poblano, and some chicken broth for more flavor), frijoles (refried beans), grilled peppers, added shredded cheese, corn, shredded chicken, poblanos, chopped tomatoes, and cilantro (of course!). My mom WILL NOT stop talking about this dinner. ;) That's always a great sign that you've had a successful dish.



1 comment:

  1. still talking about "The buritto bowl" You
    forgot to tell everyone that your corn was gently sautead with chopped bermuda onion, your
    refried beans were creamy and flavorful and the
    fresh lime to squeeze all over the wonderful food was a perfect addition. I loooved this creation! Me want more.