Sunday, August 8, 2010

Campfire Meals

When camping, sometimes, it's nice to eat hotdogs. Because part of being on vacation is not having to work.

But sometimes it's also nice to eat a hot, tasty, and hearty meal, while sitting by the fire. Those can be easy too! Always good to have a simple plan for some potential meals and then wing it. Keeping hotdogs tucked in the cooler for those lazier nights.

Shawnie is the queen of delectable meals while camping. Several years back we had a full thanksgiving dinner, campfire side, thanks to her genius. Pies (pre-made) and fried turkey to boot! The bears thought the turkey was a great idea too. But that's a whole other story.

This is one meal we came up with last week during vacation and it was the best variation yet. Great way to cook and eat leftover scraps or purposeful things without much cleanup. Any meat, potatoes and veggies would work and you don't really have to be camping to try it. It works well that everyone can put in as much of the options as they choose.

We just was cut up left over mushrooms, red onion, sweet corn, and the last few potatoes. Added some apple-chicken sausage…

Laid it out on some cooking spray coated heavy duty foil (oh, and put a few dabs of butter, salt, pepper, and garlic powder on it)…

Then we made little pouches and set them on some hot coals for about 25 min with a few shakes here and there (we left a small gap at the top of each pouch for steam ventilation)…

Ohhh, and they were tasty!

We've done this on previous camping trips with large foil packs of zucchini, yellow squash, and tons of fresh garlic. And the old-stand-by of potatoes, onions, and peppers.

If interested in more camping ideas…

Homemade Mac-n-Cheese: making a cheese sauce takes little time and if you bring a pot big enough to boil some pasta, voila! Just keep the fire at a consistent temperature.

Rice and Bean Burritos: we like to use Goya rice/bean mixes. I think the black bean one is best, and either make it ahead or right on the fire. Stuff a large tortilla with that and some shredded cheese and canned refried beans and wrap it in foil. Put it on the coals long enough to heat it through. This is a great tasting meal!

Ramen Noodles: these don't have to be just boring college food. After a long hike last week, we made up a few packs of these noodles. But we only used part of the included seasoning, preferring our own flavor combination: a can of diced tomatoes, slabs of cheddar cheese, lots of black pepper, and tuna.



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  1. Thanks so much Tracey! I looooove good camping recipes. I'm usually too impatient and hungry to cook over campfire coals, but we do foil packets on our camping stove. Yum!