Monday, May 3, 2010

Worth Your While- Oatmeal Cookies

I hate making cookies. Not sure exactly why but I think it has to do with the extended time commitment for baking them. I like to mix something together and put it in the oven all in one shot. None of this waiting business.

Growing up we often made cookies if we wanted them, otherwise we wouldn't have ever had cookies. I remember the procedure, put the first tray in and set the timer. When the timer went off they weren't done. Put them back in and don't set the timer, burn the first tray a little. Second tray be more diligent watching the clock, perfectly golden! Third tray, a slight bit over done. Last tray, throw them in an completely forget about them, burned to a crisp.

Scott makes perfect chocolate chip cookies. He promises he will make a post about his technique... someday. I still prefer oatmeal raisin over ANY other cookie. Even though I don't like making them, I don't seem to mind as much if they are oatmeal!

This recipe is great. I love thick oatmeal cookies and this one wins the blue ribbon for that. Seems the key is more oats less flour! I didn't have pecans so I just threw in a little extra oatmeal. No complaints. I think the pecans would make them extra fabulous. And I didn't burn a single one.



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